Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Check Out The View From the Corner Stool

Thanks to Jimmy Byron for sending me this photo.

There is a ton of great music happening at all times in Toronto, bands, troubadours, honky tonkers you name it are always playing somewhere and I'm always surprised when I mention some of my favourite local acts to people and they haven't heard of them. If you are someone who enjoys music but is unfamiliar with the local scene check out this site, "The View From the Corner Stool" and get acquainted with some great local music.
Thanks to James for shooting Tom Parker and the American Pour at my show at the Cameron House in November.
Many thanks to my friends who came out on Saturday to have a drink and see my show at the Press Club it was a fun evening of patio lounging, laughter and food, the show is up until the end of May , 850 Dundas West, between Euclid and Manning. Prices have been reduced so if you have a space on the wall and you've always wanted a piece of my work, now is the time as prices go back up when the show is over. You can see what's on display if you scroll down on the blog, the Press Club is usually open by 6pm
Keep coming back here folks there will be some big announcements soon.
A.Shay Hahn

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