Monday, April 01, 2013

Anniversay Show at the Press Club

 A Song by Elliott Smith, A Nick Cave Song, A Lyle Lovett Song
A Les Claypool Song $140.00 each
Twenty Five Bandit Children $300.00
Anchorwomen of St.John's $120.00
Orange $180.00
Pick Axe $120.00
Skeleton Suit $160.00
Twenty Five Retired Super Folk $300.00


Marvel Superheroes $80.00 each, Ballad of the Karate Kid $120.00
Lady With An Axe $180.00
A Nick Cave Song $140.00
Goon $180.00
A Song By Sinead O'Connor $140.00
Scarecrow $180.00
Plus the dedicated back wall, all work is sold on first come first served basis, no reserves. It looks awesome many thanks to Mikael, Andrew, Jimmy and Veronika head on by the Press Club 850 Dundas West to see what's up. As always the show will change as the work sells.
News on the party as it comes, it will be in early May, too much going on this month to do it.
A.Shay Hahn
Oh Hey ! There's More!

Twenty Character Actors $300.00
Pilgrim with wings $180.00
Twenty Novelty Items $300.00

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