Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Lyle Lovett Song

A Lyle Lovett Song
10x12inches, acrylic on canvas
at the Press Club in April/May
As you can see I've added the "I.D's" to my paintings once again. Recently I've had one image stolen and used on a product in an Etsy shop and yesterday another image was used on Face Book and shared over 100 times without credit to me as the artist, both situations have now been fixed but the experience of course has made for the return of my spoiler cards.
I also officially hate this shitty camera and will be switching to another, somehow this one is going blind to detail and depth and the above image is shit, this will also serve to prevent theft but it sure looks bad.
A.Shay Hahn


Jimmy said...

Do we guess the title or are you going to tell us. I'm thinking "She's already made up her mind."

A.Shay Hahn said...

It's more of a series based on what comes up when listening to the artist, so the viewer can also engage with the picture and the music, "This reminds me of..."