Monday, January 28, 2013

Corin Raymond's "Paper Nickels"

You may have heard about singer/songwriter Corin Raymond's great "Canadian Tire" caper, I created a few Canadian Tire Money dioramas for the fundraising drive and they have been printed in the coffee table CD booklet.
If you haven't heard about the caper read all about it and find concert dates at the link below.

Corin had asked for me to make prints of the interior artwork to sell at the shows but there just wasn't time to get some of the dioramas staged again and shot well, well enough to sell.
I've been working on these diorama pieces for the past three or four years, you can read all about them at the Any How Town blog (see links, sidebar) and it's gotten to the point where the basement really is starting to fill up with buildings and cars made of popsicle sticks.
Folks on facebook and deviantart really love the builds I've been doing so I decided this weekend that maybe I'll take a break from painting for the next month and just stage some really great dioramas and shoot them for eventual sale as prints and maybe a calendar.
please send Corin your Canadian Tire cash and be part of something fun and uniquely Canadian.
A.Shay Hahn

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