Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sketchbook Splurge and Mandarin Orange Crate Crafts

The top photo is me getting just a little bit nuts and going on a sketchbook binge, I had been told by a clerk that the Cachet, 8.5x11 landscape sketchbook may be discontinued so I went all over Toronto to find the last of them and snatch up as many as my budget allowed. When I finally found a store that had them (Thank you Toose!) I was told that the series is still available to order and the information I was given was incorrect. I still bought four of the buggers. I love the style, I love the landscape format even though its just taking a regular 8.5x11 and binding it on the side. I love the way they open and I love that they could at least TWICE what a normal 8.5x11 costs, so I bought four, that should tide me over until the spring.
I also picked up the last 7x7 (top of pile) that they had at Above Ground just because it's a really cool size, yes I am easily impressed when it comes to sketchbooks, they also had a great deal on three packs of  6x9 (I think) sized landscape style so I bought a three pack of those. Looks like we're set, no excuse to not do any drawing now.
The photo below is of a mandarin orange crate that I converted into a Troop Carrier while I was sitting around sick in front of the TV about a week ago. You can see how it was built over at the Any How Town blog (see links).
It's not too late to  head to the Press Club and pick up a painting for a Christmas Gift, you can see what is there at the post below.
have a great holiday if you don't hear from me until after Christmas, thanks for your support in 2012
A.Shay Hahn

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