Sunday, December 02, 2012

Last Day at the Cameron House, Buy Local post

Well the festive season is upon us and here I am without any Mandarin Oranges so please head on down to the Cameron House today (opens at 5pm) and have a look at the show, I'm sure there is something there that reminds you of someone you love. It's perfectly alright to purchase (cash only) from the bar staff and take the painting or paintings home with you. Paintings are priced between $140.00-$500.00.\

As an added bonus for you the Cameron House also sells alcohol, they also supply live music which will be played by the professor himself Kevin Quain and his very helpful backing support The Mad Bastards. He will soon be ending his eighteen year residency at the Cameron so you'd better see him before this  unique show vanishes into the mists of Queen West Legend and Lore, I'm also completely sick of the history of Queen West Legend and Lore and never want to hear about it again- so go see Kevin Quain in the present, you'll enjoy it far more. I would also reccomend on this Christmas excursion, purchasing Whitney Rose's first CD and also Tarantuela's first album both available at the Cameron House for $15.00 each.

If you're at all curious about the Mandarin Orange crate head over to my other blog Any How Town (see links) and see what I did with this crate whilst lying sick in bed, with my dog at my feet watching Harper's Island on netflix.
that's about enough of me,
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