Friday, November 23, 2012

The Cameron House, Saturday (that's tomorrow)

I've been wanting both of these both for a number of years, maybe a decade, but the Beguiling always only had one copy and it was a hot seller. I got them both in softcover on Amazon for just over $30.00 which is incredible.
Tomorrow is my reception at the Cameron House for "popular/mechanics" the festivities start off at around 4pm, there will be some food supplied by Chef David Friedman and Red Fish Restaurant and at 6pm Colonel Tom and the American Pour will take the stage in the front room.
If you're looking for something to do before that Colonel Tom will be calling Bingo and spinning 78's (I think) at the Bluegrass Bingo at the Dakota Tavern. If you need something to do tonight or tomorrow Zeppelinesque play the back room of the Cameron House both nights. They are an incredible Led Zeppelin cover band, if you haven't seen them yet. Check them out, it just rocks.
A.Shay Hahn

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