Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Twenty Five Retired Super Folk (details)

Here are three detail shots from another piece for "popular/mechanics" so far I've plotted out four ideas for the "grid" pieces (for lack of a better name) and should be working to finish this one and start the fourth piece "Twenty Five Bandit Children" today. This piece owes a big debt to Gail Simone's great series "Welcome to Tranquility" that was about a whole town of retired superfolk, which I enjoyed immensely.
I also have three water towers on the go. I'm enjoying working bigger for this show, originally I'd started about a dozen 12x16" pieces and I may go back and finish some of them next month, but for now larger is where my head is at. I've been working in the 10x12" format for awhile and I think I just need to stretch my arms and cover more space.
Currently in Toronto you can see my work at the Wilson 96 (615 College Str. just scroll down here to see what is hanging there) , my dedicated wall at the Press Club (850 Dundas West, photo below, scroll,scroll,scroll) and at Red Fish Restaurant on College (where Mitzis'used to be) so head on out and have a look.
A.Shay Hahn
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