Thursday, September 13, 2012

Press Club Wall, Sept. 13th

Top Row Mariachi!, Rayguns and Mr.Moon $80.00 each or any two for $150.00
10 x12's -Red Fish, Baseball Furies, The Man Who Stopped To Read, Violin $140.00 each
Promtheus, Orange, Piano - Each is $220.00 (I think)
and bottom row, CALM and BACON gauges $40.00 each

With all the work that has been going on I can't believe I forgot to post the Press Club wall. Here is the current incarnation, head on down to the best little back yard patio on Dundas West.
You can also see my work at the Wilson 96 (615 College Str.) it will be hanging there until the end of October and you can go to Red Fish on College to see my paintings of lifejackets
All work is posted on this blog, just scroll down to see what we've got.
lots to do,
A.Shay Hahn

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