Friday, September 21, 2012

popular/mechancics bicycle #2 by A.Shay Hahn

popular/mechanics bicycle #2
20x20inches,acrylic on canvas
Here's the second finished bicylce piece, really like the balance of colour and the cool grey/blue/purple balance that I achieved. Also really enjoy the way the faces were created.
I would advise to click on the pieces to blow them up and see the tiny brush work.
back to the basement, hopefully the third piece will be completed today or at least I'll get a good day of work on the other sixteen pieces I'm working on for the show.
as always contact me at
and don't forget to head to the Wilson 96 on College to see my work there or the Press Club or Red Fish restaurant, please take some time and scroll around the site. I am also accepting commissions for Christmas now if you need a Canadian Flag Girl, Deep Sea Diver, Mariachi or anything else.
A.Shay Hahn

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