Thursday, September 06, 2012

A.Shay Hahn, Compassionate Propaganda at the Wilson 96

16x20inches,acrylic on canvas
at the Wilson 96, 615 College Str. Sept-Oct.
(Continuing thoughts from the past two posts)
What I think I like most about the Chinese Propaganda posters is the sense of making the most mundane task look heroic and worthy of merit, the farmers and welders depicted are given iconic representation that elevates what they are doing, these artists could make mowing the lawn look awesome.
Also there is a sense of the universal when you identify with the figure and their task most of my work in the past three or four years has focused on a lack of identity, the figures are turned away or wearing masks or are Deep Sea Divers it is a lonelier, solitary approach. In the work of the propaganda artists the people are inclusive, a single figure represents an entire population and is working for the good of the population.
I think it's inspired to try and do this now as a kind of artistic social activism.
BUT also you can commission your own painting, just keep the work you'd like to use to a maximum of about SEVEN letters.
(to be continued next post.)
A.Shay Hahn

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