Sunday, August 05, 2012

The Press Club, A.Shay Hahn is up on the walls for August

Grapefruit $200.00, The Chairs By Day $400.00, Lady With An Axe $180.00,
Scarecrow $180.00, Skeleton Suit $180.00, Deep Sea Divers $140.00 each, The Woman Who Loved Cocktails $280.00, Calm Dials $40.00 each, Dog on Stilts $140.00, Pick Axe $140.00, The Fire Watcher $280.00, GOON! $180.00 ( I think), Orange $200.00, Prometheus $200.00, Piano $200.00
Here's whats up at the Press Club plus my dedicated wall at the back, head on down to 850 Dundas West to purchase, you can pay the bar staff and there is an ATM on site.
have an Olympic day
A.Shay Hahn

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