Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lifejackets, not the first artist to do this

Here are some process shots of the lifejackets as of yesterday, they're coming along nicely and I'm enjoying using lots and lots of paint on them, building up big bold surfaces, which is not at all how I usually work.
 I'd also like to point out that I'm not the first person on Earth to paint lifejackets. Awesome Toronto artist Holly Farrell who is a stunning painter has done them and so has an artist in the USA named Jane Hambleton. What's funny is that all three of us are using the warm greyish/burnt umber tones for the backgrounds, they really pop the oranges right off the canvas.
 I thought it was important to mention that other people have tackled the subject, not to defend myself against any charges of copying or intellectual theft but that these objects are important to people, they have an instant impact when seen, I'm sure my thoughts on them are completely different than the other artists I've mentioned, probably completely different from yours.
As mentioned in previous posts I'm also working on three more of these and they will be on display at Red Fish Restaurant when they open at the end of the month.
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