Thursday, May 03, 2012

Press Club Wall, Thursday May 3rd

What is at the Press Club and Why you should buy it.

Six Million Dollar Man $80.00
this is a fine, fine rendering of the Six Million Dollar Man 30cm tall action figure that if you are between the ages of 40 and 45 you wish that you had kept instead of selling it at your family garage sale in 1982.
Pick Axe $140.00
The musculature and pose of the figure in this piece is exquisite, the hair gives a very definite sense of movement, very empowering.
RAYGUNS! $80.each/ 2 for $150.00
Nothing says I am retro but also eager to embrace the future like a couple of rayguns hanging on your wall.
Violin $140.00
A sturdy and secure execution of a woman playing a violin, or depending on the company you keep, this could also be a fiddle.
Pilot $140.00
One of A.Shay Hahn's trademark "red airplanes" a must for collectors.
Black Hammer $140.00
Nothing says feminine power like a woman in a nightie holding a black sledgehammer.
The Man Who Stopped to Read $140.00
If you love the Classics, or walking sticks, or both, this is the piece for you.
The Balled of Daniel Larusso I & II $140.00 each
From our "Pure Nostalgia" series a fond look back to 1984 and the film that brought us all closer together
Deep Sea Diver and The Fencer $140.00 each
If you consider your apartment, condo or house "slick" then you need these two hot hits of red to make that entryway really shout.

There you go folks, so head on down to the Press Club, 850 Dundas West. Yes the wall looks a little lopsided but I hope to have two more pieces finished by Monday to hang.
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THE WALL HAS BEEN UPDATED, see more recent entries

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