Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Come Out And Play (Baseball Furies)

 6x6inches, acrylic on canvas,framed SOLD.
Come Out And Play (Baseball Furies)
10x12inches,acrylic on canvas,framed $140.00
The top painting is my morning warm up piece and I thought this time I would paint things I have never done before, the series will probably be animal based and what better place to start than with the Sphynx Cat, possibly the most adored and loved animal on Earth. I looked at lots of pics of them before starting this painting and the depth of character and personality these animals have is incredible.
The bottom piece continues the walk down memory lane that began with the Marvel series and has taken us to visit the Karate Kid and Toho studios.
I am not a fan of baseball, never have been never will be, but the movie "the Warriors" is a definite classic in my opinion and the Baseball Furies were the best costume design in the film.
This isn't the best photo but there's a ton of nice toning and shading. This piece did take a few days to get right but it turned out jsut fine.
A.Shay Hahn

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