Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Globe pieces at the Wilson 96

The Hammer Team, The Paintter's Assistants
30x30inches, acrylic on canvas
$700.00 each
Currently at the Wilson 96 (615 College Str, across from the CHIN building and the Royal Cinema) two of my most favourite pieces. The Globes are wonderful, I love them and so does everyone else, I really do miss doing large scale work, so much so that last night on the street car ride home I'd convinced myself that it was time to go big again and to work in oil so when I'm finished this month of working on the Any How Town books (see links, right margin) I just may do that.
Many thanks to S.Power for letting me hang the work, the Wilson 96 is now open for coffee during the day so you can drop in on these two pieces pretty much any time you like and if you dig trivia it's the place to be on Tuesday nights.
A.Shay Hahn

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