Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A Cup of Crows, buy a painting fund a book

A Cup of Crows
12x12inches,acrylic on canvas, unframed
I'm trying to remember what year/month/show it was that I began sticking things in cups, there were crows, gorillas, rocketships, deepsea divers (of course), little blackbirds, howling wolves, Samoyeds, all kinds of people commissioned their own special cup full of stuff, I also attempted Roosters and Pigs but never finished them. I'll go back into this blog and organize the tags properly one day so you can see all of the "Women with an Axe" pieces, "Deep Sea Divers", "Cups" etc. just not right now.
(NOTE: It was October 6, 2009 that the first two paintings of things in cups were done. I was asked on facebook so I went and had a look.)
Hoping to hit 30 000+ words today in Any How Town Book One so there's lots to do, click on the Any How Town link to see what I'm talking about and buy a painting! All monies go to funding this campaign to write my first series of books, paypal is accepted and I ship to anywhere worldwide
In other fundraising campaign news  Corin has passed the $2000.00 mark in his "Don't Spend It Honey" campaign , read all about it here
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