Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Press Club Dedicated Wall, Jan 17th 2012.

(from top left) Pick Axe $140.00, Uncle Deadly SOLD, Propellor $140.00, Six Million Dollar Man $80.00, The Pilot $140.00, Rayguns! $80.00 each (two for $150.00), Mariachi SOLD, Musical Goon $220.00, Deep Sea Diver $140.00, Woman with an Axe SOLD, The Duel (Two Drummers) $140.00, Deep Sea Diver $140.00, Chimpanzee $80.00
There is not a single bad painting on this wall, what art gallery can say that ?
Heres what is hanging at the Press Club (850 Dundas West) and here are some events that are going on there this week/next that would be worth your while to check out.

Sat. Jan 21. Band: Ron Leary, Tara Watts & Steph CopelandGenre: Folk Rock10:00 pmNo Cover
Sun. Jan. 22 Band: Staggy Townsend, Genre: Country Rock,10:00 pm,No Cover
Mon. Jan. 23 "Domestic Bliss Mondays",Band: Drala w. Guests,Genre: Rock
*Half Price Nachos10:00 pm No Cover 
I'm  not actually sure if the nachos are half price but they are awesome and about $7.00 which is the best price in town, you can put pulled pork on it, and there is usually Veggie Chili.
I'd reccomend checking out Ron Leary on Saturday he's a great singer songwriter and a wonderful fella, if you go to the label "Pub Life Sketches" you can see the poster that I did for him.

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