Thursday, December 01, 2011

Buy Handmade at the Press Club

Dedicated Wall, November 28th 2011.
All Muppets 6x6 acrylic on canvas,framed $40.00 each,Mariachi! 8x10, framed $80.00 each
The Pilot , 10 x 12, framed $140.00, RAYGUNS! 8x10 framed $80.00 (or two for $150.00)
 MusicalGoon 12x15 framed $220.00 Woman with an Axe 10 x12framed $140.00
Chimpanzee W/ Viking Helmet 8x8 framed $80.00
Here is the wall at the Press Club, whicch is located at 850 Dundas West (between Euclid and Manning) I doubt that it will stay this way for long, I only have two other muppets available (a doozer and another Beaker) they'll show up on the wall when there's some space. I love the Musical Goon, best thing I've done in a while and yes paintings from the Royal Families are $140.00 until Christmas and will then return to their usual price $160.00
I've been having a great time doing illustrations of comic characters over at the Any How Town blog (see links) so you gotta go over there and check them out, I've been doing alot of sketching for a new series that I want to get to soon, so expect a few more things to show up here.
It's getting a little close for commissions but if there's something you want for Christmas, let me know this week. Also scroll down to see my show at Cowbell Bistro, those chairs are bee-eutiful.
all the best from Canada's most beloved painter,

A.Shay Hahn

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