Thursday, September 15, 2011

Unseen Strangers, Album Design Day 3

Here's the block in for the second version of "the Unseen Strangers: album cover, at first I was leaning towards the heavier blue black night sky of the first, but these tones seem pretty warm and a bit more appealing. Maybe I'll push the other even darker to make a better contrast between the two images. Also below it  is the almost finished TShirt design, just some more touches and line fixes here and there and we'll be good. I just wanted to say how glad I was that the band contacted me, the DSD has really become something I'm known for over the past couple of years, people really love them and I never really get tired of painting them (well after painting five of them I get pretty tired). I think this will be a great way for the band to be identified while they promote the album, it's got the right amount of hit and recognition, you'll know it's their record, their poster, their T etc. I hope that it helps to spread the work , visually of course.

I'm also glad to get this much laid in along with the two other commissions I'm working on I think I've hit upon the first head cold of the year and feel like I'm crashing fast, so I'll be glad to rest for a day or two this far ahead. One way that I can really tell that I'm getting sick is by rereading the above babbling, so I'm off to go slug down my cuppa neo citran and then six more litres of H20.

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