Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Chairs Series

I picked up these dollhouse chairs at a Dollar store today, they come in a strange reddish colour, but I've painted these six black and will probably grab some white ones and do the same. Since doing the Shotgun Wedding Band cover I thought I might explore building some 3D renditions of my paintings, more for source material than for profit. Dioarama photography has been pretty big for the past three years and I don't have the time or the equipment to really explore high end resolustion photos, I think I'll just keep it in the "fun" category and share them here.
 Was talking with someone about the chairs, what they are about, why folks like them, I think they fall into a nonfigurative/figurative aspect (I"m just spitballing here) like when I painted the flying hats (see label : lost hourses) the objects imply people but aren't people. They aren't ghost images, they still have the "magically real" potential of a lot of my work, hmmmm, still sorting this out.
A.Shay Hahn
 A.Shay Hahn

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