Thursday, July 28, 2011

Extended at the Press Club and Other Notes

Hey folks, just a quick note my work will be at the Press Club for the month of August, you can see what's there if you scroll down (yes, down) on the blog. I am available to meet either this evening or tomorrow but will be unavailable the following week. We made some big strides over at Any How Town (see links) where you can read about the series of mysteries that I'm working on and see the characters, dioramas etc and support the project by purchasing a painting.
 thanks for your support, we always like hearing from you
      A.Shay Hahn

P.S if you have any of these WWII action figures by 21rst Century toys I'll give you $2.00 a piece for them, if you have a whole bunch, over a twenty, I'd even consider a trade.

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