Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Royal Families, coveted, "This Guy" Status Expanded.

So the work has started to shuffle it's way out of the Cameron House and I will be bringing down the Deep Sea Divers and skeletal Mariachi from the Press Club, to add to the walls over the next couple of days. I'm still pretty burnt out and am just working on some small commissions for now I simply don't have the energy for anything else. I'll be sure to post photos of what goes up at the Press Club and the new work at the Cameron. A reminder that the Closing is Saturday, June 25th, 5-8pm with Little Jimmy's Chicken Pickers supplying the music.

Awhile back on fb I jokedthat I had finally reached "This Guy" status as an artist in Toronto, as in "I love this guy's work!", "This guy's work is awesome.". Below is a post that gets us a little closer to name recognition.

"Decided against a 5 star, simply because my limited experience in the area would make that a very hasty call. That being said, I friggin love this place. The few times I've been so far were welcoming and relaxed experiences. Really nice layout and vibe, excellent artwork by A.Shay.. something. The bands have also always been very entertaining, great showmanship and good pace. From a newbies perspective, this place immediately feels like home."
-Alex H. reviewing the Cameron House on ""

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A.Shay Hahn

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