Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Royal Family, Lion Headed Girl

This is Luna Somethingsomethingorother,  from the Harry Potter movies/books, she has become a bit of a hero to me over the past couple of weeks.This is a still from "the Half Blood Prince", which is probably the best of the Potter films, full of drugs, raging hormones, smoky people and the murder of Santa Claus, they should've done another film set in Hogwart's with the crew as teens, there was so much more going on there.

Everytime I think of this brave little individual with a lion on her head, I can't help but smile.

Other things I am doing while trying to finish this show, I am putting things outside the studio and see if people take them, I put out the birdhouses that I built (all but the smallest, I'm keeping that one) and they're gone, I put out a bunch of books and may put out more, most of those are gone. I think tomorrow I'll put out a bunch of cd's and see how long it takes for them to go. I have to reduce the amount of things I own by at least a third, maybe more. Honestly, alot of these things have just been sitting here gathering dust, I make things, I don't keep them.
I've been trying to get through Jim Steranko's great run on Nick Fury (thanks K.Hudson) it's hilarious, action packed and wordy and just keeping a good bunch of notes in my head for Any How Town, which I'd love to write as a serial, similar to the Hardy Boys or Enid Blyton, short 200 page books that look at a couple of aspects of Any How Town (see links) and also has a greater story that would culminate around book five or six.
talk soon true believers, time for oatmeal with protein powder and a nap,
 A.Shay Hahn

p.s alot of traffic came through this blog after I posted Kevin Quain's bit about what happened with Mr.Hindmarch a couple of Sunday's ago, I asked Kevin to write a follow up about what happened the following Sunday, but haven't heard back from him. If I hear anything I'll let you know.

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