Saturday, April 30, 2011

Press Club wall April 30th

Top Row Red Devil Guitar Player $80.00, Man with Hammer $180.00, Deep Sea Divers $200.00 each, Woman with Two Hammers $140.00, A Cup of Crows $140.00

Bottom Row Red Devil Bass Player $80.00, Woman with Two Axes $180.00, Mariachi Skeletons $80.00 each, Woman with Two Axes (Love this one) $180.00, A Quiet Place $140.00

Here's the dedicated wall at the Press Club, that is if it's still standing after the pure garage rock fury that was unleashed last night. So head on by to 850 Dundas West to the best kept secret patio in Toronto or check out the amazing Cowbell Restaurant to see more of my work, the Cowbell show is up until the middle of May.

all the best, enjoy the sunshine

A.Shay Hahn

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