Thursday, April 07, 2011

The Press Club, April 7th 2011

So one of my top favourites from the "Lady with an Axe" series sold, so I brought over these two Deep Sea Divers (ON SALE!) and here's the pricing again.
Axes (short hair) $180.00, Fox/ Crow (centered) $40.00 each, Man with Hammer $180.00, Woman with Two Axes (blonde hair) $180.00, Deep Sea Divers $200.00 each (SALE!), Fox with Fiddle $180.00, Mariachi with Maracas $80.00, Woman with Two Axes $140.00, Woman with an Axe SOLD, A Cup of Crows $140.00, A Quiet Place$ 140.oo

and you better get down there if you love the Divers, the Bon are playing next weekend and it's going to be a great garage/crazed rock show.


A.Shay Hahn

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