Monday, January 17, 2011

Tom Waits project, palettes and fun

The Shadow Boys (are breakin' all the laws)
10 x 12 inches, acrylic on canvas, framed
I currently don't have any 10 x 12 frames, I'll be building them at the end of the month and then transporting everything to the Cameron or the Press Club or wherever it looks best, I am sure that this type of stain won't be used with pieces that have this palette because it looks like balls. I'm thinking something in a deep ebony for stain colours, hint of red maybe, or cobalt, oh I like that idea.
I am enjoying this palette immensely, it brings me way back to when I was painting in oil at the Blyth Festival, I would do grounds of black/blue bushes with extreme yellow/white flowers in them, I'll probably do a bunch for this show, which will have it's preview at the Cameron in Feb. and then an Opening at the Cameron in May.
Of course I intend to sell all of this work before I even show it, so maybe I should go with the idea of a subscription series, that I'd discussed so long ago with my friend A.Yates (let's see if he's still following me on Twitter) . order your Tom Waits painting now for $160.00 and pick it up Feb. 1rst. just like my girl Sam Phillips or read about how Amanda Palmer made $11,000 on Twitter in two hours .
I need people to invest in me like this, the work is there, You can order 10 framed 10 x12's, (which would be $1600.00) and I'd do them for $1500.00 (half in advance/ half on delivery in May) , if five people did this I would be out of debt and working steadily, go go Internet!

A.Shay Hahn

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