Sunday, January 30, 2011

Press Club, West and East Walls, Feb.2011

East Wall- A Quiet Place to Call My Own $160.00, Boy With Trumpet $160.00, An Idea is Like a Storm $180.00, Baseball Goon $160.00, Rescue Dog $140.00, A Cup of Crows $160.00, Rescue Dog $160.00, Man with Hammer $200.00
East Wall -The Sisters (the White Glove Test) $180.00, Rescue Dog $140.00, Canadian Girl $180.oo, Hot Love Cold Taps $60.00, Prometheus $240.00 (I think)

. West Wall- Last of the Snake Killin' Girls $340.00, Fencer $100.00, Deep Sea Diver $100.00, sign with my name on it, not for sale

West Wall- Raised by Plastic Wolves $340.00, Last Adventure of the Dog Faced Boys $340.00, Prometheus $340.00
the back wall at the Press Club has the crows and foxes and some kids letters all are $40.00 each you can see those if you scroll down on this blog.

A.Shay Hahn

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