Friday, January 14, 2011

Mitzi's Sister Extension, Theatre in the city this weekend

Fisherman (Pisces)
11 x 14 inches, acrylic on canvas, framed
I really like paintings and photos of fishermen/people, I've done two women carrying gigantic fish in the past and I thought it would be nice to do another, this time a man, it's not going to be all Tom Waits Project all the time here, I call myself a "diarist" painter, if while I'm sketching a certain idea takes over I just follow it, chances are it has something to do with my moods. I believe this was inspired by the artist's life, alone out on the sea, making your own way, canned tuna etc. I had thought at one point of doing a series inspired by the Zodiac, but so many of the signs are just so stupid looking, I passed, I'll just stick with the fish.
We have been extended at Mitzi's Sister until the end of January, so you have two more weeks to see my work there, and then in February we're moving to the Cameron House for a month.I am currently working on about eight new pieces for the Cameron, hope to get up to ten finished for the end of the month, so I am spending the weekend inside working. I will have to extensively photograph the Cameron House and the Press Club fow what is going to be at either location, it may get confusing.
If you want to get out and see some theatre go check out the Fringe Next Stage Festival happening right now at the Factory Theatre, I saw, "Tom's A-Cold" it was a whip smart 65minute. show with strong performances from Matt MacFadzean and Shane Carty, here's a link to the Next Stage site,since I have to do everything.
If you really want to go bananas, you have got to see "Assasins" at the Theatre Centre, it was so incredible, it's the kind of theatre that I love, bare brick walls and just a minimum of props (not great if you're a scenic artist trying to make a living, but aesthetically what I like) and some amazing performances, here's a link to that too, because once you start you have to add links for everything.
You can see my work for the month of January at The Wilson 96 (615 College), Mitzi's Sister (1554 Queen West) and the Press Club (850 Dundas) if I am unable to meet with you and you want to purchase from the bartender you must pay cash, you can see what is posted where by scrolling down to other posts.
there you go,
A.Shay Hahn

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