Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dates and les Anniversaires

The Done Right Inn, 12 year anniversary mural
"The Trinity Belles Reunion Tour"
(see the label "murals" for more info)
So sorry folks, I feel like I haven't been here for years, I also think I should have more to post but looking over at "the stack" I realize that most of the things I've been working on have been commissioned pieces or incredibly top secret so even though I've been doing a ton of stuff, I haven't been able to post it, but will at a later date, when it's ready to be loosed upon the world.
Date for the OPENING RECEPTION, that's right, we've got this figured out,
Opening reception for (50) at the Press Club on Friday, December 3rd from 6-9pm, feel free to stick around after Alun Pigguns is playing that night and he is boss, not sure who's opening for him, but he usually starts by midnight, god that seems late, man I'm getting old. I am not having a band for the Opening Reception, but am planning something cool for a closing party. I hang the show on December 1rst and that's when I would reccomend you get your advance peek at what's going up if there's something you want. The Press Club is usually open by 6:30 and I will be there December 1rst from 6-8pm, that evening The Pivot Reading Series will be on and they usually have some good authors reading their stuff and by stuff I mean words.
As always for the December show you will be able to take the work home with you that night, so you can do your Christmas wrappin' or whatever, but you have to pay me first, this is a lesson I am trying to teach the entire Internet at the same time, it's going very slowly.

On Sunday, November 28 at the upstairs cabaret at Theatre Passe Muraille I will be sketching with the National Theatre of The World as they perform "Angels In America 3" a tribute to Tony Kushner, I'm not going to explain this, just go to their website, http://www.thenationaltheatreoftheworld.com/NTOW.html and check them out. I missed sketching for the first one due to the goddam flu and I am attending this to sketch them irregardless of how much sleep I will lose getting caught up on finishing paintings, these guys are amazing and you can't miss them. I think I just said "can't miss them" four times in this short paragraph. But hey it's 6:05 AM, what's a fella to do.

Alright, I've got a huge day, hope to have something else posted later on in the afternoon/early evening. Now I'm going to jump over to the Any How Town blog and put up some pictures of buildings.

all the best,

A.Shay Hahn


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