Sunday, October 03, 2010

(50) Project for the Press Club, December

Invisible Men (#49) SOLD, Fall Fashions (#50) STOLEN
1o x 12 inches, acrylic on canvas,
for the Press Club, December -Feb.

I'd been getting a little tired of workind with the "back to the viewer" concept, as powerful as it is, I had to change things up for a time. All my sketches started to feel the same and some of the excitement and discovery had gone out of what I was doing, I'd been pushing myself too hard for too long and needed to take a new tack for awhile.

A couple of years ago I'd begun a "Fifty Posts in Fifty Days" project where I was trying to do a painting a day, this was of course, impossible, due to commissioned work, the job I had at the time etc. and I think I got to 25 posts, you'd have to check the archives.

I've recently found a bunch of source material that I quite like and am using the poses as a starting point for my new work, instead of scraping around inside of my head I'm going to let the poses guide what I'm doing. The work is still similar in most respects, I have started about ten new pieces in this size and I may not reach fifty pieces, but it is nice to find a new way to work.

And if you are looking for some very reasonably priced photography check out this link from photographer Joanna Smith

A.Shay Hahn

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love these pieces Shay!