Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Press Club Wall, Sept 7. 2010

Press Club Sept 7th, top left, Pepe the Tiger Prawn, Black Scared Pig SOLD, Snake SOLD, Lew Zealand SOLD eachbottom left, Pencils SOLD, Top Canadian Girl SOLD, Below A Cup of Crows $160.00, Top Middle War Pig $80.00, Husky SOLD, Hot and Cold Running Love Taps $80.00, Lady with two axes SOLD, The Man Who Loved His Guitar SOLD, An Idea Is Like A Storm $180.00, A Quiet Place to Call My Own $160.00
Here is what is currently hanging on the dedicated wall at the Press Club, all the Muppets are gone with the exception of Pepe and Lew Zealand. The two pieces I contributed to the Square Foot show are hanging at the Press Club now, also a lovely "Hot and Cold Running Love Tap" at a great price, I also have one more with a black frame.
yep, looks good, back to work
A.Shay Hahn

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