Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Wilson 96, Have a Drink see the Paint

The Lone Rooster, $300.00
First Look at the Stars $280.00, The Sisters SOLD, Rescue Dog/Deep Sea uniform $160.00
Prometheus III $280.00, The Woman who Fell $480.00

Prometheus $480.00, Canadian Girl SOLD, Rescue Dog/Scuba $160.00,

Girl with an Axe SOLD, Girl with a Hammer SOLD, the Night Tree $400.00,
Deep Sea Diver w/Guitar $240.00, Rescue Dog/Fire Axe $160.00

Lady with Two Axes SOLD, the Light Sleepers SOLD

As always I reccomend going soon if there is a piece you justhave to have, the work sells and sells quickly, you can pay the bartender or make an appointment to meet with me. The Wilson 96 is usually open by 5pm, they have a great jazz band on Monday nights and play English Premier League football whenever there is a match and Warsteiner on tap.

A.Shay Hahn


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