Friday, July 02, 2010

Fringe Mural, Day One "A.Shay Hahn, he's Bionic!"

So I decided work upright instead of horizontally, this follows my usual pattern of write one thing here and then do the exact opposite thing the next day ie: I won't be able to finish, I have to paint horizontally etc.

The folks who are working horizontally (3 out of 5 of the artists are working horizontally )have their canvases directly on the ground and so are bent over, or sitting on the ground while they work - this takes too long, hurts your posture, believe me, years ago I did a "Flooral" which is a fancy word for," mural on the floor" and instead of doing it upright and then attaching it to the floor, I painted it in place, I think I spent three days in bed when it was finished. Jack it up on milk crates folks, get a chair, ah well.

The upright mural is working much better, just had to get myself in a similar headspace that I had when I would do the murals at the Done Right Inn and just bash away at it for the first day and then I'll spend tomorrow refining (yeah sure, did you read how this post started). Currently it looks like one of those "technique paintings" you see in faux galleries, looks pretty but doesn't mean anything, so I'll also add, "make it mean something" to the list of To Do's.

Had a great chance to see some folks, actors etc., had a great talk with T.Hughes, but I didn't hang around when I was finished working, I always feel so strange at these events, Theatre is something I contribute to, I always give work to auctions when asked, many close friends are still involved in the business, I go see a show every few months, the thing is, "The Community". "The Community" is something I no longer really participate in, I love hanging out for a pint with someone I haven't seen in awhile, maybe two or three folks, but the whole overwhelming beer tent aspect, just isn't my bag anymore, too much going on, so I went for a quiet pint at the Red Light where the music was perfect. and then fell asleep to "the Newsroom", possibly the best show ever produced in Canada, "This Is Wonderland" Season One, being a close second.

I'm still pretty sure I won't be able to finish this thing.

A big thank you to all at the Fringe,G.Arthurs, P.Forst, D.J Morum, R. Reddie, Miriam (Oops, I don't know your last name) R, Ivey, and thanks to all the techs and volunteers who run tings, thanks to S.Edworthy for taking the photo that began this post. Hope everyone had a great Canada Day, and have a great Pride Weekend, I hope to either be shooting Zombies or doing some Porchin' I don't want to paint at all this weekend.

A.Shay Hahn

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