Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Press Club, A.Shay Hahn's Dedicated Wall

from left top to bottom I Cannot Tell A Lie $160.00, Artemis $160.00,
Deep Sea Diver w/Acoustic Guitar $200.00, Asst'd Muppets $40.00 each
This Little Piggy Love Metal $ 80.00 (SOLD) The Whale of Safety $160.00
This Little Piggy Had Bad Luck $80.00 (SALE)
Lady With An Axe $200.00, Rescue Dog (scuba gear) $160.00
Deep Sea Diver w/Electric Guitar $200.00Girl w/ A Catfish SOLD

Here is the June 16th layout of the A.Shay Hahn wall at the Press Club, to locate this wall go to The Press Club which is on Dundas West, between Euclid and Manning on the North Side of the street. Their summer hours are 6 pm - 2 am, enter the bar walk to the back to order a drink and look East. I will be changing and updating things as they sell, new work is created, my moods change, etc. So if there is a piece you're interested in please contact me here to gurantee you get it.

I'm currently on a huge Gainsborough kick, leading me towards my own take on his work and the paintings of other British painters from the late 1700's, so expect that influence to show up in the new stuff. Who knew that looking at all those paintings of hunting parties, royalty, horses and landscapes when I was in England as a chilod, would resurface as such a strong impulse thirty years later. Thanks Dad, Mom and the British Mockridges.

I just spent a few days building frames, I've got about 35 of them now taking up most of the space in my studio, I also have the same amount of canvases, so I am more than prepared for these new ideas to start floppin' out. Currently I am taking commissions and also, please contact me if you need to still pick up your work from, "Come On Pilgrim" at the Cameron House.

I don't have much to say today, really, I just wanted you to see a picture of the wall

A.Shay Hahn

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