Friday, May 14, 2010

In case you think we're resting.

So it's the middle of the show at the Cameron House, we've got about two weeks left until it comes down. I had hoped to be posting some photos here this morning of new work that is hanging there for you to see. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera down with me, so I'll have to post them Monday or Tuesday, which means another trip to Queen and Spadina, no problem I have a shopping list of stuff that I need to stock up the studio. I'm in the middle of two commissions right now and will be hard at it for the next couple of days, you probably won't see anything here until Monday, so I figured that I would post some news/schemes to tide you over until I come back. That's right, I'm going to write some stuff here for a change.

I often write about my love of multiples, collections etc. I went into the shop for a couple more days last week and built TWENTY THREE of these little black frames, I'd done a bunch for the end of the Press Club show and people loved them, they just flew off the walls, I'll work on about four at a time and then start posting them here for you to see when, "Come On Pilgrim" comes down, don't want to confuse anyone who may think that these will be there if you go to the Cameron House. What I'd like to do with these is have them all prepped for the Press Club Anniversary party, which is TWO DAYS of some of the best music in this city going for 48 hrs. straight, it's a bloody brilliant music marathon and I'd like to have 28 of these on display and just sell them off at $40.oo each, that's the second weekend in July, if memory serves.

One significant way my life has changed in the past three years is that I rarely listen to music unless I'm out, I just don't play music in my home anymore, I find it too distracting, I've discussed this here before but as a result when I hear a song that I like I play it to death like a twelve year old girl (no offence to any twelve year old girls reading this). I have already begun sourcing poses/tones for the next show I'd like to do, and the entire thing hinged on the lyrics listed below, here's a youtube link also. .

Funny that for a guy who doesn't listen to music two of the past three shows take their titles from songs/albums. What I'd like to do when I get about ten of the pieces finished is have an advance showing at "Musa" which is one of the best "first date" restaurants in this city, (and a kick ass brunch if you can get a seat on the patio in the summer), it's located across from the Press Club on Dundas West. If you've never been, I don't know what you're waiting for. This will probably happen in October or November and what I mean by "advance" is that it's not going to be a series that I show at the Press Club in December, it's going to be for one year from now, for a show in May, it's going to be expensive, all framed 20 x20 pieces, done in oil and worth every big bad penny, I hope to finance my winter to finish more work for the show by selling the first ten in advance, call me crazy, but if what I have in mind is successful you'll be glad that you heard about this early.

"Come On Pilgrim" is up at the Cameron House until the end of May, message me here for commissions and general inquiry.

A.Shay Hahn

"i don't really need to see,so i don't need to see
so i'll paint,i don't know, i'll paint it black.
i don't need to see,i don't see how you see out of your window,
i don't need to see, i'll paint mine black.
i don't know me and you don't know you,
so we fit so good together cuz i knew you like i knew myself.
we clung on like barnacles on a boat,
even though the ship sinks you know you can't let go.
i was talking like two hands knocking,saying
'"let me in, let me in, please come out."
black glass, dirt-based soap,tell yourself what you know.
my friends, oh my friends,
bury your head i'll help you bury your plans.
hard hit, hard to miss, problems are what a problem is.
my light came up quick, call it your asterisk,
buried ina boys. in a boys first book of the stars
saw it as satellite, constant unblinking as,
buried in the bottom of a bottom of a brackish lake."
Ugly Casanova

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