Thursday, April 08, 2010

The Dog Who Got Drunk and Thought He Was A Lion

The Dog Who Got Drunk and Thought He Was A Lion
11 x 14 inches, acrylic on canvas
$140.00 / $160.00 framed

How do I want the show to look ? This is something that I think about alot, last year at the Cameron it was just clean lines of 20 x 20 canvases, pretty standard looking stuff, a little closer together than a gallery would have hung them, but I wanted the "field" pieces to be set in a continuous line. If that means anything to you, or if you remember what "Silver" looked like.

This year I want to get the vibe of an English sitting room so I am going to group the pieces very deliberately, a 12 x 24 along the bottom with two 16 x 20 pieces above it, followed by a large piece etc. etc. I did have a sketch for this but I'd have to scan it for you and I don't have the time for that today. I get to hang with me Ma and have lunch which I'm looking forward to, we'll hit up Bau-Xi and Bau-Xi photo for sure, maybe eat at the AGO or get some of that Gastronomystery at The Village Idiot, or just run to Baldwin Str.

This painting is one of those great titles that just rolls around in your head for years until you get around to it and here it is, yes gentlemen we've all been there, biting off more than we can chew, barking more than our bite. (Yes, the back leg on the hound looks a bit odd, but I have since fixed it.).

This month is not long enough by half, I have three weeks to finish about fourteen pieces that are in various states of completion, add some new stuff as new ideas pop up and somehow build frames for all the smaller works, I am not framing anything larger than 16 x 20 so don't ask, and I am getting abit peeved that people expect my work to be framed now, really silly of me to open up that option, it's about the painting, my frames are actually pretty crappy if you take a good look at them.

Anyways, if there is anything that you want, buy it now, as always there are no gurantees that it will be at the show, I run this life without Arts Grants, every penny goes right back into my work to keep me painting. You might think it's crazy, but it seems to be working.

all the best, thanks for listening

A.Shay Hahn

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