Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Carlu

Waiting for the Lake to Freeze IV
16 x 20 inches, acrylic on canvas
$300.00 / $340.00 framed

Work station at the Carlu
Sorry to have been away so long, lots to do here at the Shoppe, and you'll see as post after post is added over the next few days. The Carlu event was a smashing success for CanStage, met alot of great people and was able to almost finish the painting that I'd brought to work on. I'd like to thank A.Hepburn and the folks at CanStage for inviting me to participate. I think there's a picture of me working that will be posted in one of Toronto's local community newspapers, but I haven't been notified as to when, I'll be sure to supply a link when that happens.
I didn't really get to interact with as many folks as I would've liked to, but there were so many great things in their silent auction and such great food that I was more part of the general atmosphere than an attraction, I did get to eavesdrop on some conversations about golf and the stock market, which to the uninformed are two things that are often discussed at fund raisers.
Still trying to figure out when to have the Opening for "Come On Pilgrim" at the Cameron House in May but have yet to pick a date that feels right, I'd originally considered the 9th, but that's Mother's Day, I'll also be making a trip to my home town on the 14th for some light dental surgery so that may muck up that weekend, I may just have to hang the show on the 2nd and have the Opening that afternoon, don't worry it will all be sorted out by midweek, next week.
back to the paint mines,
A.Shay Hahn

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