Friday, March 05, 2010

Get your Brows here, both High and your Low

I have never rented the original George A. Romero directed filn "The Crazies" (1973) which upon reflection is strange since I've seen almost all of his films, ( he shoots and lives mostly in Toronto, he was at the Press Club the month before my show opened, damn.) I couldn't have seen it in the Theatre or Drive In, since I was only a year old when it came out.
I believe that if you're going to give something a name, give it a damn good name and as horror films go the title, "The Crazies" is about as good as it gets. I was sitting in a movie theatre with my girlfriend when the trailer started and I said quietly, "Oh my God, they're remaking the Crazies." .I'm not sure if she heard me, it's weirder if she didn't, I was amazed that after just seeing under a minute of the trailer I knew exactly what horror film it was.
That's the power of a good name, think about it, a movie that I hadn't seen, but knew the outline of the plot from a magazine on horror films I probably read in the 80's, I knew it was the Crazies before the title card that said, "the Crazies" even came up.
I may not get to see this film in the Theatre, my girl wants to see, "Shutter Island" but she screams every time the lady with the thinning hair points at Leonardo DiCaprio on the commercial, so I doubt we'll see that either.
I just wanted to take a minute of your time and talk about a good name.
As a side note I love pitchforks.
Today we'll be working in the bedroom as half of the lights in the studio are out do to an electrical problem, I would've run an extension cord but after looking for mine, I realize it was stolen from a job site.

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