Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last Day of the Press Club, rest four hours and resume

Continued looks at the development of two 30 x 30 inch pieces and some trees in early stages.
I like to sketch and plan, it's what I do best. Paint all day and then leave the studio to sketch and write about how I'd like the show to feel and look, how the overall themes and chosen images relate to each other, adding one element (like the trees) to my visual vocabulary, then the next day continue the process.
The entire show at the Press Club was done this way and it was very successful, of course that means that I work a 12 hour day, approximately. And those twelve hour days have added up. I am exhausted, this week I will take tomorrow and Tuesday off, just let the work come if I want to do it, maybe work for three hours a day and spend the rest of the time walking around.
The Press Club show was a great success, the addition of the month of February was more lucrative than one would think. But today we say "Thank you and goodnight". I'll be there from 7-9 pm, no earlier, no longer, no later.

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