Friday, February 05, 2010

All's Quiet in the Studio, why is that ?

Coffee Dogs II $140.00, Cup of Gorillas (the Gorillogy) Commission
each piece 12 x 12 inches, acrylic on canvas, reclaimed wood frame
Things are slowing down around here, I've noticed a bit of a change over the past week or so. The Press Club is still up and work is selling (or at least business cards are being taken and used for filters in record amounts) but I've been working a little less than I normally do. Yes, there is an xbox360 sitting by the television, by I'm so horrible at killing zombies and the like that I rarely play for more than 2o minutes.
So what's up ?
Well, I've given myself a break. That's right I'm taking a little time to just slow down and not worry about producing as much. I've been compiling and researching instead, see I've got the Cameron House show coming in May. so I've got three months to get new work ready. I've got almost three moleskines full of sketches and probably seventy references stored on the computer, and when I'm ready, I'll start.
I'm just not ready yet, I've been trying to picture the over all feeling for the show, the themes that are important, "Silver" held itself together really well as did the original hang for "the Wide Awake Man" and I want to approach this show the same way. I'd like to mix sizes, but I really want to do a few larger pieces than I normally do, I need some freedom of movement.
I'll probably hold back on posting the work too, I'd like to build a little bit of excitement around the show, I put so much work up here on the Internet that I'd like to hold back a bit and surprise some folks. I think I may also invite some Gallery Owner folks to come out to the Opening, maybe it's time that I reach out to them.
The Press Club is up until the end of the month

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