Thursday, December 17, 2009

Current Press Club Lay out, Dec. 17th

East Wall (Back)
This Little Piggy Loved Stiegl $100.00
A Quiet Place V, $140.00
The Girl Who Built a Fort $140.00
The Woman Who Loved Her Piano $140.00
This Little Piggy Had Good Luck $100.00
This Little Piggy Had None $100.00
The Woman Who Fell $400.00
Three Witches $140.00
The Boy Who Loved the Water $140.00
The Book Thief $140.00
The Woman Who Fell, black books $140.00
The Man Who Loved his Guitar II, $140.00
The Woman who fell, chair $140.00
EAST Wall (front)
Queen of Birds $ 400.00
The Woman Who Loved Her Guitar $140.00
The Man Who Loved his Guitar $140.00
An Angel for the Carpenters $400.00
Artemis $140.00
The Book Thief $140.00
Prometheus $400.00
The Wide Awake Man (Rooster) $140.00
A Cup of Crows (mini) $100.00
A Cup of Crows, night (mini) $100.00
Woman with Wings $400.
West WallI Cannot Tell a Lie $140.00
The Woman Who Slept $140.00
A Quiet Place to Call My Own IV $340.00
A Quiet Place I $140.00
Canadian Girl at the Breakwater $140.00
A Quiet Place II $140.00
The Woman Who Slept II $140.00
The Keeper of Lost Books $140.00
The Wide Awake Man $140.00

Here is the new layout at the Press Club, I've actually shifted a few pieces around since these photos were taken, but all of this work is currently there. Be a smart ass and want to purchase the Stiegl Pig, it seems to be what this whole show is about. "I want the Stiegl pig" etc. etc. The show is up til the end of January, but do me a favour and at least go see it now.
happy ho ho

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