Monday, August 17, 2009

Canadian Girl

Canadian Girl
12 x12 inches, acrylic on canvas
I would like to thank T.Pelletier for sending this to me via Fb, these are her thoughts on,"What is a Canadian Girl?".
"A Canadian Girl is proud to be vulnerable.For if there is one single thing she feels certain about,it is the certaintly of uncertainty.
A Canadian Girl seeks comfort in change.For she knows to stay stagnant would deny her of her independance.
A Canadian Girl is a dreamer.For she understands the nature of her restlessness.
A Canadian Girl wanders.For she has learned that taking risks satisfies her wonderous yearnings.
A Canadian Girl reaches out.For it is in her nature to nurture.
A Canadian Girl politely declines her label.For a branding would undermine her integrity.
A Canadian Girl picks up a 'Timmies' on her way over.For she knew that you were a 'double double' the first day you met.
A Canadian Girl will replace her bedhead with her multi coloured toque.For she'd prefer to share a pint and a smile than time in the mirror.
A Canadian Girl knows that carpets will get dirty...and will also get you down a snowy hillside.For she is playfully realistic.
A Canadian Girl will grasp a paintbrush in one hand and a hammer in the other.For her multi-culturalism has lead to great multi-tasking.
A Canadian Girl appreciates the 'little' things.For it is her sensitivity which breeds her insightfulness.
This woman loves her country and all within it .
For growing up a Canadian Girl...She is Free."

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