Thursday, June 11, 2009

50 Posts in 50 Days, #4 No I didn't forget.

The Book Thief
12 x12 inches, acrylic on canvas
from the series, "The Book Thief"
(from the 50 posts in 50 days challenge)

Have been working on a couple of commissions so I just didn't have the time to post yesterday, I had to take a break from painting bicycles, that last one was driving me nuts, so I asked readers over on fb to vote on a title for the next series, and boy did they ever respond, (not really at all, 5 people voted) and the first title to win, was the above, "the Book Thief" the other choices were "chimney men" and "standing on ships".

I like this piece, I really like the title, it's been touched up a little since I posted it and the shadows of the arms are much improved.

Before going off to sleep I asked fb readers for another title, the options were, once again The Book Thief #2, Chimney Men and Canadian Girl, I haven't tallied the votes yet, (I believe there were six this time) but just check back here later in the day to see what title won.


hhhhhm I stole a Melody Maker mag years ago - for my love of T-Rex

You know, I did. I stole a Penguin Classics edition of Augustine's City of God from Ned Dickens' bookshelf.

I stole "The Omen" from an abandoned cottage when I was around 12 or 13. Had nightmares for weeks...

I stole a book of Poe poetry from the GRCI library. I wouldn't have, I took it by accident - but their book stealer alarm didn't go off, so I thought it was meant to be and didn't give it back.

i stole war and peace and dantes inferno from the Lindsay Public Library in 1987, i wanted to read them over the summer, but i knew i'd have to bring them back and be renewed a few times, and i already had $5 worth of over due fines, so i took em.

these are the people I choose to spend my time with.


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xine says said...

I like this one too! (and now I'm going to vote for the next title!)