Friday, June 19, 2009

50 Posts in 50 Days #12, Fearless Nazi Killer Commission

Will be out of the studio until Sunday, but I thought I'd post the almost completed, "Fearless Nazi Killer" commission, the email went something like this, " I want a painting of myself fighting Nazi's on a sinking flaming U Boat, with my dog "Megatron Scruffmeister" by my side. We snuck on board on a rowboat named ,"Jenny", Jenny is my wife's name, I name all my boats Jenny."

So after one horrible false start, (see somewhere below in the blog) we come to this (almost) completed bit of artistic mastery. It is very rare that you get a client like this coming along - I cherish them. He plans on framing the piece in heavy oak with a bronze plaque thanking his family for keeping the shipping lanes open during WW II - how genius is that ?

Hopefully when this is done I"ll have a photo to add. These kinds of commissions are usually filed under "My husband's room is in the basement", but that's fine by me, I like to see a nice big painting (this is 24 x 27 inches) beside an xbox 360.

Oh, where was I for the past two days ? Just be patient and you'll see.

New work will be posted on Sunday, lots of sketches completed.

If you'd like a picture of yourself or a loved one fighting Nazi's or zombies, zombie Nazi's (ahh Wolfenstein, I miss you) contact me below.


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