Tuesday, June 16, 2009

50 Posts #9, Death and Budgies

Woman with Wings II
18 x 18 inches, acrylic on canvas

I'm trying to do a third, but not having much luck with it, I may have taken this as far as it can go. Here are some anecdotes about birds, enjoy, I did.

P.F wrote:
The day after my granddad died, a swallow flew into our living room and lit on the chair where he would always sit. After a few seconds it then flew into the dining room and circled my granddad's chair and then flew back out the patio window.My dad and I couldn't believe it.

S.E wrote:
do you really want to hear about my foster budgie William? He died the same weekend as my grandfather. It's now officially more funny than touching or sad ,
the timing and circumstances of William's death, not my grandfather's.

B.M wrote:
Continuing with the budgie them...When we were younger the rules were simple: Green budgies were namd Sammy.Blue budgies were named Timmy.Then one day Timmy III laid an egg.... t really screwed us up.

L.L wrote:
When I was about 10, my mom and dad did renos in the kitchen, including glueing new linoleum. They forgot to move my budgie Coco out of the kitchen, and the poor little thing died of a glue overdose.

P.F (added)
Speaking of budgies...my ex and I had a lovely blue budgie that we named Fergal. We left him with a friend when we went on our honeymoon. When we picked him up, there were 2 budgies in the cage. Our friend had found a green budgie in her backyard and thought Fergal might need a friend. We kept him and named him Seamus. Anyway, we figured that since Seamus grew up on the streets of East Van, he was a tough bastard and scared the living hell out of poor Fergus and constantly tramatized him.

C.M.T wrote:
A neighbour's daughter found a fledgling robin out of its nest, and has raised it with night crawlers. A couple of nights ago it took flight, but comes back every few hours demanding to be fed, and no one is at home, it goes to the neighbours and carries on until someone gets a spade and digs up some worms. It is beautiful, all speckled, but will come right up to your feet and loudly cheep "Feed me! Feed me!"

N.O wrote:
When I was a kid, one of my teachers asked me to dog sit her two Bichon Frise dogs. In return she would give me two of the Peach Faced lovebirds she bred. One of the dogs drowned in my neighbours pool. It was one of the worst days of my life (I'm welling up just thinking about it). My teacher still gave me the love birds, which was, I think very big of her. Lovebirds don't like to be alone, so when one of the two died, we had a to find a new mate post-haste for the widower.

S.E (Finished)
you want trauma? Come home from your grandfather's funeral to an empty cage with a post it on it:"sue - i didn't know what to do. please call me. Saundra"

M.M wrote:
our pet rat ripped the leg off our pet finch, when i was 15, at which point i figured he ought to eat the rest of it.



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